• Rabbit Hole

    Rabbit Hole is a fun, cooperative gross motor game. Children think it is hilarious to pack themselves into a tight place, especially when they’re trying to get away from a fox!  

    Skill Areas Addressed (See Glossary):

    • Balance
    • Social skills
    • Gross motor skills
    • Coordination
    • Motor control

    What You Will Need:

    • A hula hoop
    • 3-4 cones or other objects to prop your hula hoop off the ground (all the same height, 10-12 inches high)
    • A group of kids (the more the better)

    What To Do:
    Balance a hula hoop on top of the cones so that it is elevated off of the ground. Tell the children that they are all rabbits, and they have to get into their rabbit holes to hide before the fox finds them.

    They must step over the hula hoop with each foot to land in the middle of the hole without knocking the hula hoop from the cones. One by one, each child enters the hole until as many as possible are inside! When everyone is in, ask them to slowly start exiting the hole, 1 by 1, again being very cautious not to disturb the hula hoop.

    How to Change It Up:

    • Instruct kids to jump into and out of the rabbit hole.
    • Make this into a game of tag. Designate 1 child as the fox, and have the fox chase the other children into the hole. If a child knocks the hula hoop down, that child joins the fox. Continue the game until all of the rabbits have been caught!
    • Crawl under the hula hoop into the rabbit hole. Going under the hoop is very challenging and an excellent test of body awareness and control.

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