• Ring Around the Posies

    This activity is challenging, yet so much fun, kids likely won’t realize all the benefits to their bodies!  

    Skill Areas Addressed (See Glossary):

    • Gross motor skills
    • Endurance
    • Social skills
    • Cognitive skills

    What You Will Need:

    • Sidewalk chalk
    • A hula hoop

    What To Do:  

    • Have the child trace the circle of the inside of the hula hoop with the chalk. We found it was easiest to stand on the hula hoop while drawing.
    • After you have the circle traced, make a few petals to create a flower.
    • Inside 1 of the petals, draw a star to indicate a starting point. Next, have your child trace a hand and a foot inside the circle center of the flower.
    • Have the child create multiple flowers this way, by tracing the hula hoop, drawing petals (1 with a star inside), and then tracing a foot and a hand inside in the center of each. Each flower can have a different combination of hands and feet inside the circle (1 flower may have both feet, 1 may have a left foot and a right hand, etc).
    • Have the child place his or her hands and feet appropriately inside the flower, and the other hands/feet on the starting point on the flower petal (eg, if you have both feet inside the flower, you will need to place both hands on the starting point).
    • Have the child work their body around the flower, while keeping hands and/or feet in the traced spots (inside the flower), and moving their other body parts from starting point and around the other pedals. Move to the next flower and repeat!

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