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Take an active role in your health.

There's a lot you can do to prevent chronic disease, avoid injury, improve your fitness, and age well. Staying active is key.

These resources from physical therapists can help you maintain and improve quality of life. And when you need help, a physical therapists can partner with you to protect and promote your health and well-being. 

Learn how a physical therapist can help you overcome barriers to physical activity


A woman doing yoga in her home.

Health Tips

Retired or Retiring Soon? Here's How to Invest in Your Health Span for a Quality Life Span
A pediatric physical therapist providing treatment for a child.


Pediatric Physical Therapy
A physical therapist demonstrates a counter-facing chest press exercise

Health Tips

30-Minute Home Strengthening Program
An older adult doing exercises with a cane.

Health Tips

Maintaining Health and Fitness: Tips and Exercises for Older Adults

Prevention & Wellness

Health Centers

A group of people running outdoors.
By Activity