• Success Story: Overcoming Scoliosis and Degenerative Disk Disease

    July 17, 2014: Back pain is common, but for Barbara Jones, it created a domino effect that affected her whole body.  As a teenager, she had rod fusion surgery to address a severe case of scoliosis. Years later, she had back surgery again to address symptoms of degenerative disk disease.

    In this episode, she discusses how these conditions didn't just affect her back, but her whole body. She had shoulder pain and tightness throughout her entire body that ultimately affected her mobility and ability to exercise.  Her physical therapist Secili DeStefano, PT, DPT, OCS, joins her to discuss the complexities of Barbara's specific issues, and how she got her back on track.

    Learn more about degenerative disk disease and rotator cuff tears.

    Download the podcast on iTunes or listen below:


    Barbara Jones is a vice president of a healthcare market research firm in Reston, Virginia. Her back issues go back to a childhood diagnosis of scoliosis and surgery at the age of 15. Her active lifestyle, including cycling, came to a halt during her mid-40s when the symptoms of degenerative disk disease became too severe. Extreme pain and stiffness ultimately caused her to tear her rotator cuff. After a long and successful journey with her physical therapist, she is back on her bike for road races.

    Secili DeStefano, PT, DPT, OCS, works at Bodies in Motion Physical Therapy in Reston, Virginia. She specializes in rehabilitating the biomechanics of the ribs, spine, hips, and pelvis. She also focuses on preventing injuries, promoting health and wellness, and creating solutions for complex and persistent pain. Secili is a manual therapist and is certified in Triggerpoint Dry Needling (TDN) or Intramuscular Manual Therapy (IMT).

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