• A Walk On The Wild Side

    What kid wouldn't want to be a monster for a day? Let them walk on the wild side by making "monster feet."

    When you change your base of support (what you are standing on or in), your body reacts differently to balance, body control, and coordination challenges. Also, kids love walking on stilts or in bigger shoes, and it can be a great confidence booster when they realize that they can do it.

    Skill Areas Addressed (See Glossary):

    • Gross motor skills
    • Balance
    • Coordination
    • Motor control
    • Proprioception

    What You Will Need:

    What To Do:

    1. Kids will get to try out 2 different types of ‟monster feet" for this activity:

    • First, whip up some monster feet from empty tissue boxes. Allow your child to use their creativity (and their fine motor skills) to decorate 2 boxes to look like monster feet. Add fur, colored paper, claws–get creative. The opening for the tissues will be where they will insert their feet.
    • The second type of ‟monster feet” will be a pair of stilts. I purchased the set pictured above here. We used different colored duct tape to decorate our stilts to look like monster feet.

    2. Create a maze on the floor using tape, or if you are outside, use sidewalk chalk.  Place a few low obstacles along the path. Some suggestions are: twigs, a low hung rope, a ramp of some sort, or a pile of leaves. Allow the path to travel on both hard (tile, hardwood, or concrete) and soft ground (grass or carpet).

    If you are inside, use pillows as the soft path. Encourage your child to maneuver through the path wearing their monster feet. Now try it without. Was it easier or harder? Was it easier to balance without the feet?

    How To Change It Up:

    • Put on some music. Can they march to the music? Can they dance?
    • What other fun obstacles can they find? A ball? Another toy?
    • Use only with the tissue box feet: Can they jump? Walk backwards?
    • Have a race, a little competition is always fun. Who can get through the obstacle course the fastest?


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