• Let's Go Skating

    Ice skating is so much fun and so, so difficult. It takes a lot of balance to maintain an upright position on those tiny strips of metal. This is a perfect indoor activity for kids. Paper plate skates allow them to glide effortlessly across any flooring that they may encounter, and it gets their hearts pumping.

    Skill Areas Addressed (See Glossary):

    • Gross motor skills
    • Balance
    • Coordination
    • Motor control
    • Proprioception

    What You Will Need:

    • Paper
    • Plates
    • Music

    What To Do:

    Give each child 2 paper plates to stand on. Turn on some music and let them go crazy. Tell them to try to skate with the rhythm of the music—fast, slow, smooth, choppy. Can they move their arms side to side like a speed skater would? Have them mimic the moves of speed and figure skaters.

    How To Change It Up:

    • If the plates won&'t stay under your kids feet, use duct tape as a strap to secure them to their feet.
    • Add an additional body-control challenge by having them freeze when the music stops.
    • Put on a skating show. Who has the best form? Who would be the best figure skater? Who is the fastest?


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