• Wheelbarrow Relay

    If you are looking for a fun activity that builds strength and motor skills, you cannot beat wheelbarrow walking. Weight bearing on the hands is a great way to promote upper extremity and core strength, and also provides great proprioceptive feedback. So everybody grab a partner and get moving!

    Skill Areas Addressed (See Glossary):

    • Endurance
    • Gross motor skills
    • Motor control
    • Proprioception
    • Social skills
    • Strength
    • Trunk stability

    What You Will Need:

    • An open space, buckets
    • Beanbags or other objects for relay race
    • Cones or other obstacles
    • A real wheelbarrow, if desired

    What To Do:

    • Assign partners, 1 person to act as the "wheelbarrow" (walking on hands), and the other to act as the "farmer" (holding his partner's feet).
    • Put a bucket of beanbags at 1 end of your play space, and an empty bucket at the other end.
    • When you say "go," the farmer has to place a beanbag on his partner’s back and wheelbarrow walk to place it into the other bucket. When they get there, the partners switch and return for another beanbag.
    • Repeat until all beanbags have made it into the empty bucket. If you are playing with only 1 child, you will be the farmer the whole time.

    How To Change It Up:

    • Set up some obstacles between the buckets (eg, cones, stools) for the partners to navigate around.
    • Set up your race course where there is a slope or unevenness to the ground to make it harder.
    • Try having the partners go backwards  to reach the other bucket (go slow—this is a big challenge).
    • Use a real wheelbarrow, and have kids take turns racing back and forth to transport beanbags, rocks, or leaves.

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