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"I grew up on a farm and I can't think of a day when I didn't hear my mom say, 'Girls, there is a load of laundry to hang out. I didn't often have the luxury of sitting around for hours watching Saturday morning cartoons. There was work to be done!' Now I can appreciate that some of that work can be made into fun activities for kids that are beneficial, too."

Hanging on Clothes Line

-- Lauren Drobnjak, PT, The Inspired Treehouse

Skill Areas Addressed (See Glossary):

  • Balance
  • Fine motor skills
  • Motor control
  • Proprioception
  • Visual motor integration

What You Will Need:

  • A piece of rope or a clothesline
  • Clothespins
Clothes Pin


What To Do:

  • Tie the string between 2 trees, (or 2 chairs, if you are inside).
  • Grab some clothespins and pieces of small clothing (socks, or baby doll clothes work great for this).
  • Scatter the clothing around the room.
  • Ask your child to practice opening and closing the clothespins using their "SUPER FINGERS." This may take some practice.
  • After they get the hang of this, have them pick up each piece of clothing, 1 at a time with the clothespin.  
  • Once they have that down, ask them to walk to the clothesline and “hang it all out to dry. Make sure they are using both hands; 1 to hold the item, and the other to clip the clothespin on.

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