• Older Adults Can Improve Physical Function


    Did You Know: Older Adults Can Improve Physical Function

    People often associate aging with physical decline, and indeed, “on average, the strength of people in their 80s is about 40% less than that of people in their 20s.” But research suggests that improvements in physical function are possible well into older adulthood.

    In a 2009 review of 121 trials, including 6700 participants with a mean age of 60 or over (“Progressive resistance strength training for improving physical function in older adults” – July 2009), progressive resistance strength training exercises were found to “improve physical function in older adults, including physical disability, some functional limitations (ie, balance, gait speed, timed walk, timed “up-and-go,” chair raise, and climbing stairs), and muscle weakness.”

    Sarcopenia, a decrease in the amount and quality of muscle, is a major contributor to frailty that can be prevented or treated with appropriate physical activity.

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