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Falls are one of the leading causes of injury for older Americans, and vestibular system disorders are a leading cause of balance problems, which often lead to falls.

In this episode of Move Forward Radio, physical therapist R.J. Williams, PT, DPT, describes not only how our vestibular system works but also how problems with the vestibular system can be treated through physical therapy. He also discusses how vestibular rehabilitation is a rapidly evolving, even being offered to elite athletes who rely on balance to perform on the field of play.

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Leam more about balance problems or conditions like vertigo.

R.J. Williams, PT, DPT, is the assistant general manager and clinical director at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in Henderson, Nevada, where he commonly treats vestibular injuries, complex balance dysfunction, falls risk reduction, and general orthopedic injuries. R.J. also serves on Carrington College's Advisory Board, guest lectures at several local colleges and universities, and frequently mentors physical therapy students on their clinical rotations.

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