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In this episode, a physical therapist discusses how falls can diminish the ability to lead active and independent lives. 

The statistics are alarming; 1/3 people age 65 and older will report at least one fall a year. Of those, 20-30% sustain a serious injury that can increase their risk of early death. 90% of hip fractures occur during a fall. Additionally, ¼ of those who fall and fracture a hip will die within a year. 

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Mindy Renfro

Mindy Renfro, PT, PhD, DPT, GCS, CPH is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Montana where she teaches in the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation and at the University of Vermont where she teaches health promotion courses on-line.  She has worked with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Expert Panel on Falls. Her area of study is in fall risk assessment and dissemination of evidence-based programs for fall prevention.

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