• NASCAR and the Role of Physical Therapy

    March 7, 2019: Physical therapist Jena Gatses grew up with brothers who challenged her, provoked her, and drove her a bit crazy at times. She learned a lot from growing up with them, about giving every bit as good as she got, and to earn their respect.

    Those experiences held her in good stead, especially when she got the chance to parlay her professional skills into a position with the famed Joe Gibbs Racing team. She became the first full-time female physical therapist and strength coach in NASCAR—and in professional motocross, as well, with Gibb’s team on that circuit.

    In this episode, Jena recounts her experiences with those athletes and with other high-profile clients she’s taken on in her burgeoning career, including actor Mark Wahlberg.

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    Jena Gatses, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist, strength coach, corrective exercise specialist, and owner of Scientific Fitness, a fitness consulting firm that proves customized movement programs for working environments. She was the first full-time female physical therapist and strength coach in NASCAR, and she uses her expertise in sports performance to help professional and elite athletes and celebrities, such as Mark Wahlberg, to reach and maintain peak physical condition.  

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