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If you swim or take a water aerobics class, you know some of the benefits of working out in water. But what is aquatic physical therapy, and who is it best suited for? In this interview, a physical therapist describes the common elements and benefits of aquatic physical therapy, which allows many who struggle to move on land to move forward in health.

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Paula Geigle

Paula Geigle, PT, PhD, is a research physical therapist at Kernan Rehabilitation Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  She is also currently the co-principal investigator of a 1.5 million dollar Department of Defense aquatic/Lokomat exercise study for individuals with chronic incomplete motor spinal cord injury.  Dr. Geigle has 31 years practice experience in aquatic physical therapy and is past president, secretary and journal editor of Aquatic Physical Therapy Section of the American Physical Therapy Association.

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