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Physical therapist Kara Shull believes that physical literacy is the basis for a healthy and active life. She wants everyone to have access to it. It's a message that she and her team at MOVEMENT2BE convey to kids in underserved communities.

But what is physical literacy? Simply put, it's understanding how the body moves and needs movement. It is also knowing how to control one's muscles to achieve the highest level of performance and reduce injury risk.

At MOVEMENT2BE, literacy isn't about book smarts. It's about body smarts and having fun while learning. It's about doing the kinds of physical activities that promote confidence and well-being in all areas of life. The program motivates kids who might not otherwise have access to team sports and after school activities. It helps them value and take part in physical activities they can do to achieve a healthy life.

In this episode of Move Forward Radio, Kara discusses the program and the five "pillars of movement."

Movement, Kara says, is the key to life. It's the gift that helps us be who we were made to be and do the what we were made to do.

Join us as Kara unwraps her knowledge about the importance of physical literacy.

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Kara Shull, PT, DPT, is a certified strength and conditioning specialist in sports performance and return to sport. She practices in New York City, where she founded MOVEMENT2BE. She has worked with professional and elite tennis players in Dallas, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona.

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