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Anyone who surfs knows that it's not as easy as just paddling out, standing up, and riding a wave as if you've been doing it your whole life. It involves balance, technique, and a certain athleticism.

And to do it safely requires certain precautions and preparations, and there are various injury risks. Physical therapist Mark Kozuki has a keen perspective on all of this—as an avid surfer himself, and as owner of Elite Performance Physical Therapy in Costa Mesa, California. His clients include some of the world's top surfers, and he travels with the World Surf League, the governing body of professional surfing, providing treatment at competitions.

In this episode of Move Forward Radio, he discusses the physical demands and challenges of surfing, how it's different for recreational versus professional surfers, and what things surfers of any ability level should keep in mind in order to minimize injury risk and maximize performance.

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Mark Kozuki, PT, DPT, is a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopaedic physical therapy, and has been treating patients and professional athletes over the last 15 years. He currently serves as team physical therapist for Hurley International, and he also covers events for the World Surf League. Additionally, he works closely with athletes in the PGA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and Olympians. He has a particular interest in treating and training rotational athletes.

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