• Adaptive Sports: Limitless Opportunities

    January 29, 2015: Conversations around physical disabilities often focus on what a person can't do. Adaptive sports turn that line of thought around by celebrating and exploring what people with disabilities can do.

    These days, adaptive sports combine a no-limits mindset with rapidly improving technology and results in people without legs skiing down a mountain, and people with spinal cord injuries swimming, and people with severe arm impairments participating in archery, and so much in between and beyond.

    In this episode, Shana Harrington, PT, PhD, SCS, MTC, discusses landscape and benefits of adaptive sports.

    Download the podcast on iTunes or listen below:

    Learn more about adaptive sports for people with disabilities.

    Shana Harrington, PT, PhD, SCS, MTC, is an associate professor in the department of physical therapy at Creighton University. She has been actively involved with adaptive sports since 2000 and with the Paralympic sports since 2007. She is currently a Paralympic international Level 2 swimming classifier, and head of the domestic classification for the sport of para-triathlon. She currently serves as chair of the American Physical Therapy Association's Special Interest Group for the Physically Challenged Athlete in the Sports section.

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