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Family Fun: Ideas To Add Physical Activity To Your Child's Day

Jul 2, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist explains a series of fun do-at-home ideas and games using household items to help families with young kids enjoy physical activity.

Home Exercises From a Physical Therapist — For Kids Aged 6 to 10

Apr 13, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist led fun 30-minute exercise program for kids aged six to 10 with options for the whole family.

Lower Body Strengthening Exercises for Every Fitness Level

Jun 3, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist leads a series of exercises designed to maintain or improve lower body strength.

Physical Therapy Allowed Adaptive Surfing Champion to Regain Independence

Oct 25, 2018 / Video

After a motorcycle accident led to the above-knee amputation of her right leg, Dani Burt was determined to maintain and promote an active lifestyle. As a result, she became both an adaptive surfing champion and a physical therapist. Dani tells her story on this podcast.

Physical Therapy for What Moves You: Baseball

Oct 28, 2019 / Video

Mac is 12 years old and the starting catcher for his travel baseball team. A shoulder injury moved him to the bench. Physical therapy helped him recover so he could compete in the state tournament.

Physical Therapy for What Moves You: Ranch Owner Gets Back to Work

Oct 28, 2019 / Video

Mark, a retired Los Angeles firefighter, was badly hurt while working on his family's ranch. Two days after surgery, Mark started physical therapy. Within 6 months, he was back in action on the ranch!

Pick a Popsicle Stick: Fun Physical Activities for Kids

Jun 30, 2020 / Video

Sara Bellanca, PT, DPT, leads fun physical activities for kids using popsicle sticks drawn from a cup to prompt each new movement activity.

Upper Body Strengthening Exercises Using Household Items

Apr 27, 2020 / Video

Five home exercises for upper body strengthening using water bottles or other containers.

Adaptive Dance Exercises for Kids Aged 3 to 5

May 12, 2020 / Video

Emily Hockman, PT, DPT, leads fun adaptive dance moves for kids aged three to five.

Patient Story: Breaux (Physical Therapy with Dry Needling)

Jun 2, 2015 / Video

Patient Breaux Castleman talks about his experience with dry needling by a physical therapist to address his pain.