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Swimming and Physical Therapy

May 26, 2016 / Podcast

Swimming works muscles throughout the body without the pounding of land-based exercise. But that doesn't mean that swimming is an injury-free activity.

Success Story: Physical Therapy Helps Woman Return to "Old Self" After Brain Tumor

Jun 21, 2016 / Podcast

Helo Matzelle underwent surgery for a rare brain tumor at 46, and relearned how walk, talk, and function all over again.

Tai Chi and Physical Therapy

May 3, 2018 / Podcast

Even if you've never practiced tai chi, you've undoubtedly heard about it. But what is it, exactly?

Rotator Cuff Injuries: Symptoms & Treatment

Jan 10, 2013 / Podcast

A shoulder surgeon and a physical therapist discuss the treatment of minor and major rotator cuff injuries.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for People with Alzheimer's Disease

Jul 30, 2019 / Podcast

Research shows that regular exercise actually can improve memory in people with Alzheimer's, and delay symptoms in those who have the disease but haven't yet shown signs of it.

Amplified Pain Syndromes: Treating a Pediatric Population

Sep 14, 2017 / Podcast

Amplified pain syndromes sounds serious. The good news is that it is treatable with physical therapy.

Girl Power: Keeping Female Adolescent Athletes Healthy and Prepared for Sports

Jan 23, 2018 / Podcast

A physical therapist discusses why she strictly treats adolescent female athletes in order keep them empowered and healthy.

Blood Flow Restriction Training and Physical Therapy

Jan 18, 2016 / Podcast

Blood flow restriction training is a treatment method that involves applying a tourniquet to an injured limb. A physical therapist describes how it works.

Headaches and Physical Therapy

Feb 5, 2019 / Podcast

Problematic headaches that last may need intervention and treatment by a physical therapist—or referral to another health care provider.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Oct 12, 2017 / Podcast

Neonatal abstinence syndrome occurs when an infant is born having been exposed to opiates in the womb, and has withdrawal after birth.