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Physical Therapy Guide to Ankle Impingement

Apr 21, 2023 / Guide

Ankle impingement occurs when soft or bony tissues become compressed within the ankle joint at the extreme end of a motion, such as pointing the foot sharply downward.

Physical Therapy Guide to Ankle Sprain

Feb 13, 2023 / Guide

Ankle sprains occur when the foot twists or turns beyond its normal range of motion, causing the ankle ligaments to overstretch or tear.

Physical Therapy Guide to Ankle Fracture

Jun 9, 2022 / Guide

An ankle fracture occurs when a bone on one or both sides of the ankle is partially or completely broken. Physical therapists help people recover from ankle fractures.

Foot Health: Avoiding Pain and Injury

Jul 9, 2019 / Podcast

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Chris Neville, PT, PhD, would like you to consider how that saying applies to your feet and ankles.

Physical Therapy Guide to Peroneal Tendinopathy

Dec 16, 2019 / Guide

Peroneal tendinopathy is an injury to the tendons of the foot and/or ankle. It often affects athletes like long-distance runners, basketball players, and dancers.

Physical Therapy Guide to Pain

Jun 26, 2018 / Guide

Pain is one of the most common symptoms that may lead someone to seek the help of a physical therapist or other health care professional.

Top 4 Running Injuries Physical Therapists Help Manage

Feb 11, 2019 / Health Tips

There are numerous benefits to running, including improved cardiovascular, mental, and physical health, to name a few. Avid runners would love to live an injury-free life, but unfortunately running can be very hard on the body due to the repetitive impact of the activity.

Physical Therapy Guide to Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (Acquired Flat Foot in Adults)

Jun 10, 2022 / Guide

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is the most common form of "flat foot" (collapsed arch) that develops in adults. It causes pain in the arch and foot. Physical therapists help people with this condition get back to walking and running without pain.

Physical Therapy Guide to Cuboid Syndrome

Apr 12, 2018 / Guide

Cuboid syndrome is a problem with the cuboid bone. It produces pain on the outer side, and possibly underside, of the foot.

Physical Therapy Guide to Knee Pain

Sep 21, 2020 / Guide

Knee pain can result from disease, overuse injury, or trauma. It is a broad topic as many conditions are related to or can cause knee pain.