• The Benefits of Exercise on Brain Health

    August 2, 2018: The benefits of being physically active are well known. It can enhance your cardiovascular system, control your weight, and strengthen your bones and muscles. But now there’s a growing body of evidence that being physically active benefits brain health and can help slow the decline in brain function that come with age.

    In this episode of Move Forward Radio, physical therapist and neuroscientist Joyce Gomes-Osman discusses her latest research about overall physical activity on brain health. She and her research associates have concluded that when it comes to brain health, the overall and cumulative effect of physical activity is what’s most important.

    Download the podcast on iTunes or listen below.

    Joyce Gomes-Osman, PT, PhD, is an assistant professor at the departments of physical therapy and neurology at the University of Miami, and maintains an affiliation with the Berenson-Allen Center for Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School. As a physical therapist and a neuroscientist, she has published many research studies focused on figuring out ways to make rehabilitation therapies more effective, for instance, by combining it with nerve stimulation and noninvasive brain stimulation. In addition to her interest in physical health, her work in recent years has focused on better understanding of how we can promote brain health for individuals who are aging.

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