• Back Pain and Urinary Incontinence Often Coexist

    Did You Know: Back Pain and Urinary Incontinence Often Coexist

    Back pain and urinary incontinence (UI), the involuntary leakage of urine, have been found to coexist frequently enough to indicate a clear link between the 2 conditions. And both men and women with UI have equal risk for this pattern of conditions.

    The findings, published in the scientific journal Physical Therapy (PTJ), (Relationship Between Back Pain and Urinary Incontinence in the Canadian Population), revealed that having UI more than doubles your risk of having back pain. One possible explanation is that back pain and UI are both associated with altered torso (core) muscle control, and delayed activation of these muscles has been found in individuals with both of these conditions.

    The study included a survey of 25,645 adults via the 2011-2012 Statistics Canada Canadian Community Health Survey, a representative sample of the Canadian population.

    Because UI and back pain can have a significant impact on both individuals and society, this study provides strong evidence of the need to further study the association between the 2 conditions.

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