• Brisk Walking Can Reduce Hip Fracture Risk in Men by 62%

    Hip fractures in older adults can result in loss of mobility. This type of fracture also can lead to significant medical expenses. But a 2014 study published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2014 offers hope. It suggests that four hours of walking each week can greatly reduce hip fracture risk later in life.

    The study looked at nearly 36,000 men over a 24-year period. It showed that men who walked briskly for four or more hours a week had a 62% lower risk of hip fracture than men who walked less than four hours a week. Researchers also found that even men who walked four or more hours a week at a slower pace saw benefits. Those who walked at a slower pace for four or more hours a week had a 43% lower risk of fracture compared to those who walked less.

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