• Exercise Posture Break for Office Workers



    Elizabeth Rogers, PT, DPT, leads a brief posture reset exercise break with movements to do several times throughout the day for people who spend most of their workday sitting at a computer.

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    Elizabeth is founder of Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy, PLLC, an outpatient physical therapist practice and Pilates studio in Seattle, Washington. In addition to being a doctor of physical therapy she is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a trained Pilates instructor. She developed her passion for movement through 18 years of classical ballet training. This passion, combined with the desire to work closely with people and an interest in medicine, led her to a career in physical therapy and to open a practice that blends manual therapy techniques, movement reeducation, and highly effective exercise techniques, including Pilates conditioning to empower clients to take control of their wellness and longevity.

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