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Many people want to be healthy. Unfortunately, wanting to be healthy doesn't always lead to being healthy. And being healthy takes a lot more than just wanting it.

So what does it take to achieve and maintain good health?

In this episode, Jennifer Gamboa PT, DPT, MTC, describes how her team of collaborative health care providers approaches sustainable health through 5 domains—because when it comes to total health, diet and exercise are just part of the equation.

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Jennifer Gamboa

Jennifer Gamboa PT, DPT, MTC, is founder, president, and director of Clinical Services at Body Dynamics, a private practice in Falls Church, Virginia, and a board-certified orthopaedic clinical specialist. She specializes in performing arts physical therapy and is a pioneer in the development of an integrated practice model for physical therapy and wellness. She teaches nationally and internationally in performing arts medicine, integrated practice models, and exercise prescription for chronic disease.

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