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Most people know pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. Certain traits of each trimester help in charting fetus growth and identifying the stages of the pregnancy.

But what about the fourth trimester? It's a term that describes the weeks and early months after delivery. During this period, health care remains vital to ensure optimal recovery for mom. It also ensures optimal care of the baby.

Many OBGYNs have endorsed the fourth trimester care concept, which includes seeing a physical therapist. What role do physical therapists play in postpartum care?

Physical therapist Carrie Pagliano shares why women should check in with a physical therapist. And why seeing one who specializes in women's health can be especially valuable.

Read more about physical therapy for women.

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Carrie Pagliano

Carrie Pagliano, PT, DPT, is owner and founder of Carrie Pagliano Physical therapy, a private practice in Arlington, Virginia, which focuses on helping those with chronic pelvic pain, prenatal, and postpartum pelvic issues. A board-certified clinical specialist in women's health and orthopaedics, she is also an adjunct professor at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, and serves on the Advisory Board for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development  Pelvic Floor Disorders Network. Carrie founded the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital PM&R Pelvic Floor Program and the MGUH Women's Health Physical Therapy Residency. She speaks nationally in the areas of pelvic pain, pain science, and integrative models of practice in orthopedic and pelvic physical therapy.

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