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Broadway productions, such as the currently touring sensation Hamilton, provide audience members a memory that could last a lifetime.

But for the cast and crew, that performance will be one of many in a packed  schedule of rigorous routine. Beyond the music and lyrics, there is a lot of action in each show: dance numbers, costume changes, stage changes, and stunts.

Behind any show like that, it takes someone like Gena Thurston to keep the human machinery moving. She is a physical therapist caring for performers and stagehands for Hamilton's touring show in Chicago, and before that she was in Las Vegas working with the cast members of the musical Newsies.

In this episode of Move Forward Radio, Thurston discusses what it's like to care for these performers and keep them on stage.

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Gena Thurston, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist working in the performing arts as well as orthopedics. She just finished a year touring with Disney's Newsies, and recently became the clinic director for Neurosport in Chicago, where she will work with the touring cast of Hamilton.

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