• From Near Death To Walking Steady: A COVID-19 Survivor's Journey

    Welcome Home Brian de Castro

    July 16, 2020: Brian de Castro hardly fit the profile of someone likely to find himself in a life-and-death battle with COVID-19 this spring. He was 39 years old, in good health, with no significant underlying health conditions. Yet that’s exactly what happened.

    The novel coronavirus entered the family home in New Jersey and afflicted everyone — mother, father, two brothers, and Brian. Although his father was hospitalized for a week, COVID-19 hit Brian by far the hardest. He spent two weeks on a ventilator and another week at a rehab facility, where he underwent intensive physical and occupational therapy.

     A determined patient, Brian worked fiercely to regain his strength, stamina, and mobility. When he finally returned home he received a memorable welcome. He continues to recover and looks forward to resuming his career and a full return to his active lifestyle.

    In this episode of Move Forward Radio, Brian shares his story, starting with being blindsided by an illness that walloped him, and describes the hard work and supportive people — health care staff, family, and friends — who helped him through the life-threatening experience.

    Here’s our discussion with Brian.

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    de Castro, Brian
    Brian de Castro is a music lover, foodie, and sports enthusiast. He works as an assistant director of catering at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Helping to fuel his recovery and the hard work to gain back all his strength is his desire to spend time with his friends, enjoy dancing again, and watch sporting events, once social distancing rules are relaxed.


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