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“Specialized” High School Athletes More Likely to Report Hip and Knee Injuries

Aug 10, 2016 / Did You Know?

The study was small, but the results lined up with what many health care professionals have been saying for years: youth athletes who specialize in a single sport may be at a higher risk for injury.

Female Athlete Triad: What You Should Know

Apr 26, 2022 / Health Tips

Female athlete triad is a condition that involves an imbalance among energy availability, quality and strength of bones, and menstrual cycle. Physical therapists understand its effects and help athletes safely return to their sport.

Bone Health: What You Should Know

Jan 15, 2019 / Health Tips

For healthy bones, it is important to maintain a physically active lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. Physical therapists can design a unique program for you to help keep your bones healthy.

Physical Therapy Is Underutilized by People With Parkinson Disease

Jul 8, 2016 / Did You Know?

Physical therapy can help people with Parkinson disease improve their quality of life and delay the negative effects of the disease, but a recent study shows that only about 12% of people with Parkinsons are getting physical therapist services.

Falls Are Common and Costly, But Can Be Prevented

Sep 23, 2015 / Did You Know?

One-third of adults over the age of 65 are likely to fall this year. The good news is many falls can be prevented with the help of a physical therapist.

Teens Need More Exercise In School

Mar 30, 2016 / Did You Know?

On school days, young adolescents (12 to 16 years) get 55% of their physical activity on school grounds. But recent research suggests that's not enough.

Warmup Exercises Reduce ACL Injuries

Nov 25, 2014 / Did You Know?

Simple warmup exercises might be enough to prevent one of the most common serious knee injuries suffered by youth athletes, especially females.

Arthroscopic Surgery for Meniscal Tears May Be Unnecessary in Many Cases

Dec 30, 2013 / Did You Know?

Could one of the most popular surgical procedures, done 700,000 times per year in the United States, be unnecessary in many cases?

Education From a Physical Therapist Before Back Surgery May Reduce Cost, Improve Outcomes

Sep 29, 2014 / Article

While physical therapists are known as hands-on, movement specialists, evidence is beginning to suggest their ability to educate patients can improve outcomes and reduce health care costs as well.

Physical Therapy a Good Choice Before Surgery for Meniscal Tears, Knee Arthritis

May 1, 2013 / Did You Know?

Mild meniscal tears and moderate knee osteoarthritis send some people under the knife. For many, all they really need is physical therapy.