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When Morgan Hay broke her big toe, she assumed it was a small injury.

Weeks later, however, her foot was still discolored and swollen, and the pain was so intense that she passed out.

Morgan was referred to a neurologist, who prescribed numerous medications, including opioids, to mask the sensation of pain. The quick-fix approaches created more problems, and Morgan felt like she was living outside of her own body. 

She was ultimately diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome and started working with a physical therapist, and regaining control of her pain. 

In this episode of Move Forward Radio, Morgan shares her journey with extreme pain, and details how physical therapy is helping her along the way. 

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Morgan Hay

Morgan Hay is a 25-year-old social worker and emergency care technician working in an emergency department at a hospital. She was completing her bachelor's degree in social work when she broke her toe and began her journey with complex regional pain syndrome. After being prescribed opioids for her pain, Morgan made proactive steps to seeking treatment with a physical therapist, and to avoid using the prescription painkillers. 

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