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Surfing and the Role of Physical Therapy

Jan 11, 2018 / Podcast

Anyone who surfs knows that it's not as easy as just paddling out, standing up, and riding a wave. It involves balance, technique, and a certain athleticism.

ChoosePT Over Opioids for Safe Pain Management

Jun 28, 2016 / Podcast

Prescribed opioid painkillers may be effective over short periods and safe in low doses, but they come with great risks. There are other options.

Former Kentucky and NBA Star Rex Chapman Speaks Out About His Experience With Opioid Addiction

Jul 17, 2018 / Podcast

Addiction can happen to anyone. Former basketball player Rex Chapman, enjoyed a 12-year career in the NBA, but what followed was a 14-year battle with prescription narcotics.

Value of Physical Therapy in Addressing the Life-Limiting Effects of Eating Disorders

Dec 3, 2020 / Podcast

Physical therapists help people with eating disorders build strength, achieve healthy movement, and improve long-term recovery.

Total Knee Replacement: A Storybook Approach

Aug 6, 2015 / Podcast

Despite the growing popularity of knee replacement surgeries, families can still be overwhelmed by the recovery process. A physical therapist has written a book to help walk them through the journey.

Juvenile Arthritis

Jun 28, 2015 / Podcast

Arthritis isn't exclusive to adults, children can develop it as well. Juvenile arthritis isn't a specific condition but an umbrella term that includes many types and subtypes.

Optimal Breathing and the Role of Physical Therapy

Feb 8, 2018 / Podcast

Breathing is not just a normal part of life — it is life. If we don't breathe, we don't live. Learn how physical therapist can help people with respiratory problems breathe easier.

Swimming and Physical Therapy

May 26, 2016 / Podcast

Swimming works muscles throughout the body without the pounding of land-based exercise. But that doesn't mean that swimming is an injury-free activity.

Success Story: Physical Therapy Helps Woman Return to "Old Self" After Brain Tumor

Jun 21, 2016 / Podcast

Helo Matzelle underwent surgery for a rare brain tumor at 46, and relearned how walk, talk, and function all over again.

Tai Chi and Physical Therapy

May 3, 2018 / Podcast

Even if you've never practiced tai chi, you've undoubtedly heard about it. But what is it, exactly?