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October is National Physical Therapy Month.

During National Physical Therapy Month in October, the American Physical Therapy Association celebrates and the promotes profession, physical therapists, and physical therapist assistants.  It's also a time to amplify ongoing efforts to educate the public about the many benefits of physical therapy and the critical role PTs and PTAs play in helping Americans of all ages and abilities to maximize their movement and health, enhance their athletic performance, and recover from injury, illness, or surgery. 

Physical therapy helps people participate more fully in life's work, home, and leisure activities. 

Choose more movement. Choose better health. Choose physical therapy.

Learn how to join in the celebration and support National Physical Therapy Month, and view this year's featured consumer content highlighting the value of physical therapy below.

Support National Physical Therapy Month

PTs, PTA's, physical therapy students, and others looking to support National Physical Therapy Month are encouraged to download and use the resources from the NPTM toolkit to celebrate their pride in the profession. Members also can download consumer-focused resources to use to amplify APTA's public relations efforts during NPTM and throughout the year from the APTA Public Relations and Marketing Center.

Graphic that says "October is National Physical Therapy Month" with a picture of a physical therapist heping a patient in the pool.