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Concussion: 'Head in the Game' Series on Concussion in Sports

Aug 26, 2012 / Podcast

A former NFL player and experts in concussion management, rehab, and research discuss concussion treatment, and provide tips for athletes and parents.

Toys and Tips for Raising Children With Developmental Disabilities

Dec 9, 2021 / Podcast

Play is a vital part of physical therapy for children with autism, cerebral palsy, or other developmental disabilities. Two moms and bloggers discuss raising kids with different abilities and share toy tips. A PT provides further advice.

Treatment of Core Muscle Injury (Don't Call it Sports Hernia)

Apr 27, 2017 / Podcast

When ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell meets an elite athlete who has had surgery to repair a core muscle injury, she has a good idea who might have performed the procedure.

Cutting-Edge Treatment and Physical Therapy Helps Child Thrive After Severe Brain Damage

Jan 6, 2021 / Podcast

What do you do when a complication during delivery starves your newborn's brain of oxygen and doctors tell you he might never speak or walk?

A Father’s Invention and Physical Therapy Offer Mobility, Hope for Kids With Spinal Cord Injuries

Feb 5, 2020 / Podcast

He faces major challenges from paralysis due to spina bifida. Thanks to a physical therapy and an invention, Brody, is getting around.

For Love of Their Patients: PTs on the Front Lines Share Their COVID-19 Stories

Jun 4, 2020 / Podcast

Molly Smith and Karl Arabian, physical therapists in hospitals in the early epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic in Seattle and New York City, share stories and advice.

Physical Therapy: Gateway to Adventure, Independence, and Community

Sep 3, 2020 / Podcast

Physical therapist Carol-Ann Nelson is helping people with neurologic conditions enjoy the great outdoors at Destination Rehab.

How Physical Therapy and Pilates Enabled a Man With Crohn’s to Overcome Chronic Pain

Oct 17, 2019 / Podcast

After 50 surgeries for Crohn's disease, Ryan Hodgkinson had chronic pain, an opioid addiction, and depression that led his sister and physical therapist to intervene.

A Sudden and Mysterious Walking Pattern Is Diagnosed, Inspires Career Change

Mar 20, 2018 / Podcast

Once a competitive gymnast, Laura was always very active, until she developed an unusual walking pattern when her foot stopped working.

Man Walks 1,000 Miles for Change, Justice, and Equality — Physical Therapist Helps

Aug 20, 2020 / Podcast

When George Floyd died under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, Terry Willis worked to call attention to racial injustice in America. Physical therapy helped him along his journey.