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Muscular Dystrophy

Oct 31, 2013 / Video

Physical therapist treatment for children with muscular dystrophy.

Patient Story: PT Helps Marathon Bombing Survivor Return to Her Active Lifestyle

Jun 27, 2017 / Video

After losing her left leg below the knee in the Boston Marathon bombing, Adrianne Haslet thought her quality of life would be a zero. Her physical therapist and the rest of her health care team helped her to move and to believe again.

Physical Therapists Help Joanna Lohman Return to Soccer and Reclaim Her Identity

May 9, 2018 / Video

When Washington Spirit midfielder Joanna Lohman tore the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee, it didn't just end her 2017 season. It also "shattered" her identity. But through hard work with her physical therapists, Lohman returned to the sport she loves.

Physical Therapy for What Moves You: Weightlifting

Oct 28, 2019 / Video

After years of lifting competitively, Amelia began experiencing chronic pain. With the help of physical therapy, Amelia learned how to reduce and manage her pain while continuing to compete in the sport she loves.

Beyond Opioids: Transforming Pain Management to Improve Health

Feb 6, 2018 / Video

Highlights from a panel discussion featuring seven perspectives on the opioid epidemic and the American Physical Therapy Association's #ChoosePT public awareness campaign.

Physical Therapy — The Solution for Many Physical Challenges, Including Long COVID

Apr 24, 2023 / Video

Aches, pain, fatigue, and other physical challenges, including those from long COVID, can make it hard to manage everyday life. For challenges like these, physical therapy is the solution.

Maintaining Physical Activity During COVID-19 and Social Distancing

Mar 22, 2020 / Health Tips

Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to stop being physically active or that you can't get physical therapy care if you need it. These tips and resources can help you stay healthy and fit.

Home Office Ergonomics for Sitting or Standing Desks

Apr 24, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist discusses office ergonomics and shows how to adjust your body and your sitting or standing workspace to prevent muscle strain, injury, headaches, or other problems.

Safe Standing Exercises for Older Adults

Apr 20, 2020 / Video

Cressida Lewis, PT, MSPT, leads a series of standing exercises using a chair that can be safely done at home by older adults on their own, or with the help of caregivers. Make sure to use a sturdy chair that will not move or a kitchen countertop for safety while doing these exercises.

Exercise Posture Break for Office Workers

Jun 3, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist led posture break with exercises to do several times daily for people who spend most of their workday sitting at a computer.