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Sports Psychology and Injury Rehabilitation

Nov 6, 2014 / Podcast

Recent studies suggest that fear of reinjury is common among knee injury patients who don't return to their sport. The body may be willing, but the mind may not.

Success Story: Physical Therapy Helps Triathlete, Who Is Legally Blind, Achieve His Goals

Dec 8, 2016 / Podcast

Charlie Plaskon, a legally blind triathlete, didn't start running until age 55. He shares how he uses physical therapy to keep doing what he loves.

Waking Sleeping Glutes In Runners

Mar 13, 2014 / Podcast

A Runner's World magazine editor served as a test subject at a new running clinic. Her assessment revealed a significant deficit she never knew she had.

Overcoming Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Pain in Women, Men, and Runners Through Physical Therapy

Sep 17, 2020 / Podcast

Amanda Olson sustained a severe injury that left her unable to sit for months. Now she is helping others overcome, anticipate, and prevent pelvic floor dysfunction.

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Adrianne Haslet: 'I'm a Dancer Again'

Jul 25, 2017 / Podcast

The terrorist attack at the 2013 Boston Marathon changed the lives of many including Adrianne Haslet, a professional dancer. She lost her left leg below the knee.

Choosing Wisely: 5 Things PTs and Patients Should Question

Sep 14, 2014 / Podcast

Choosing Wisely is a national campaign to promote the most appropriate use of tests and treatments to optimize care and avoid waste.

Success Story: Shot by a Sniper in Iraq, this Wounded Warrior Looks to Inspire Others in Recovery

Apr 7, 2015 / Podcast

In 2007, 20-year-old David Kendrick was stationed in Iraq when a sniper shot him in the legs.

Preventing ACL Injuries in Youth Athletes

May 22, 2014 / Podcast

ACL injuries are becoming increasingly common among youth athletes and can lead to arthritis of the knee later in life. There are ways to reduce the risk of injury.

Success Story: Young Dancer Recovers from Hip Injury to Return to Her Passion of Performing

Dec 17, 2015 / Podcast

Isabella was diagnosed with a hip condition, but persevered to keep on dancing.

Osteoporosis: A PT Shares How To Prevent It – and Build Back Bone Strength

Oct 14, 2021 / Podcast

Oct. 14, 2021: Physical therapist Sherri Betz describes the differences between osteopenia, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. She also highlights the importance of strength-building exercise to prevent and improve bone loss.