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Avoiding Golf Injuries

Apr 20, 2015 / Podcast

During Spring, many Americans head to the golf course and discover that their clubs aren't the only things that have been gathering dust all winter.

Physical Therapy Is Underutilized by People With Parkinson Disease

Jul 8, 2016 / Did You Know?

Physical therapy can help people with Parkinson disease improve their quality of life. It also can delay the negative effects of the disease. But a recent study shows that only about 12% of people with PD receive physical therapist services.

Physical Therapy Lowers the Odds of Hospital Readmission or Death After Stroke

Apr 19, 2021 / Did You Know?

A study in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation found that patients do better after a stroke if they get physical or occupational therapy while in the hospital.

“Specialized” High School Athletes More Likely to Report Hip and Knee Injuries

Aug 10, 2016 / Did You Know?

The study was small, but the results lined up with what many health care professionals have been saying for years: youth athletes who specialize in a single sport may be at a higher risk for injury.

World Physical Therapy Day: Volunteering Abroad

Sep 6, 2013 / Podcast

In honor of World Physical Therapy Day (September 8), hear stories of physical therapists and physical therapy students volunteering to meet needs.

Core Strengthening Activities for Children: Plank

Sep 9, 2015 / Activity

Core strengthening is essential for the progression of other developmental skills. The core muscles are the muscles in the abdomen, back, and pelvis, and are the center of control for everything the body does.

High-Intensity Treadmill Exercise May Slow Symptoms of Parkinson Disease

Jan 24, 2018 / Did You Know?

High-intensity aerobic exercise on a treadmill in the early stages of Parkinson disease, and within 5 years of diagnosis, may slow the progression of symptoms of the disease.

'Famous Amos' Founder Relies On His Physical Therapist

Jan 31, 2011 / Patient Stories

Amos is convinced that his success is a result of the individual attention he received from a physical therapist who understood his body and cared about his recovery.

Overuse Injuries More Common in High School Girls Than Boys

Jul 10, 2015 / Did You Know?

Among high school athletes, girls are at greater risk for overuse injuries than boys, according to a recent national study published in the Journal of Pediatrics.

Chronic Pain in Children and Physical Therapy: What You Should Know

Jun 27, 2019 / Health Tips

Nobody wants to see a child in pain. We most often see it after an accident, injury, or during an illness, but what about when it continues and does not resolve with time or simple treatments?