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Tummy Time: Tips for Parents

Oct 17, 2017 / Health Tips

Tummy Time Tools provides parents with ideas and activities to make sure your baby gets enough time on his tummy throughout the day, while he or she is awake and supervised.

Almost Half of Babies Have Flat Spots

Jul 13, 2013 / Did You Know?

Putting babies to sleep on their backs helps prevent sudden infant death syndrome, but it may have led to an increase in flat spots on babies' heads. If caught early, it can be addressed to prevent possible developmental delays.

Physical Therapy Guide to Container Baby Syndrome

Aug 16, 2023 / Guide

A "container baby" is a newborn baby or young infant who is placed in a container, such as a car seat or stroller, for an excessive amount of time on a given day.

Plagiocephaly: Pediatric Treatment for Flat Head Syndrome

Aug 22, 2013 / Podcast

A physical therapist and orthotist discuss the treatment of plagiocephaly (or flat head syndrome) for babies.

5 Ways To Increase Physical Activity for Infants and Toddlers

Nov 3, 2020 / Health Tips

Encouraging daily physical activity and active play in infants and toddlers is important to develop strength, balance, coordination, movement planning skills, endurance, and flexibility.

Physical Therapy Guide to Flat Head Syndrome: Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Dolichocephaly

Jun 16, 2022 / Guide

Plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and dolichocephaly (flat head syndrome) are skull deformations caused by an infant being in one position for too long. Early treatment is vital to prevent further flattening and reduce the risk of developmental problems.

Don't Topple the Teepee Fine Motor Game

Sep 9, 2021 / Activity

Have your kids ever played pick-up sticks? Mine love it, and I played it all the time growing up! Let's try giving this fine motor game a twist. Don't topple the teepee!

Diastasis Recti Abdominis: The Likely Cause of "Mummy Tummy"

Sep 27, 2017 / Podcast

Diastasis rectus abdominis can happen in women during and following pregnancy due to the stretching of the abdominal wall.

Physical Therapy Guide to Torticollis

Jun 17, 2022 / Guide

Torticollis — or simply, twisted neck — is a condition in which the head stays tilted to one side. Infant torticollis is due to a tight neck muscle. Infant tortocillis responds very well to physical therapy, and the earlier treatment begins the better.

Physical Therapy Guide to Developmental Delay

Aug 1, 2023 / Guide

Developmental delay describes when young children are slower than their peers to reach milestones in key mental and physical areas. Physical therapy plays an important role treating developmental delay in children of all ages.