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F.A.S.T. Thinking Is Key To Detecting the Signs of a Stroke

Jul 10, 2015 / Article

Education on the signs of stroke can improve a person's ability to recognize stroke symptoms to reduce a delay in care for themselves or their loved ones.

Physical Therapy Lowers the Odds of Hospital Readmission or Death After Stroke

Apr 19, 2021 / Did You Know?

A study in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation found that patients do better after a stroke if they get physical or occupational therapy while in the hospital.

Recovery From a Stroke: 9 Benefits of Physical Therapy

Sep 4, 2020 / Health Tips

Each year, nearly 800,000 people in the United States experience a stroke that can lead to long-term disability. About two-thirds of people who survive a stroke will need some form of physical or other therapy.

Physical Therapy Equal to Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

Apr 29, 2015 / Did You Know?

Thinking of going under the knife for lumbar spinal stenosis? A new study found that you can have equal success skipping surgery and going straight to physical therapy.

Maintaining Physical Activity During COVID-19 and Social Distancing

Mar 22, 2020 / Health Tips

Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to stop being physically active or that you can't get physical therapy care if you need it. These tips and resources can help you stay healthy and fit.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Children With Down Syndrome

Sep 9, 2021 / Health Tips

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition that changes development of the brain and body. DS can result in physical and cognitive differences.

6 Reasons to Consider Telehealth Physical Therapy

Feb 27, 2020 / Health Tips

Have you ever wanted your physical therapist to teach you how to move better in your home? Do you have a difficult time getting to your appointments? Telehealth — a live, one-on-one video appointment with your PT — may be a solution.

7 Myths About Physical Therapy

Nov 30, 2018 / Health Tips

Physical therapists are movement experts who help people reduce pain, improve or restore mobility, and stay active throughout life. Don't let these common misconceptions keep you from seeking physical therapist treatment.

Three Strategies to Maintain Health and Fitness

Apr 8, 2020 / Health Tips

Although COVID-19 has caused changes to our way of life, we shouldn't let it put a damper on doing healthy activities. Regular physical activity boosts your immune system and may help reduce your risk for a hospital care if you get COVID.

4 Things To Expect After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Feb 11, 2020 / Health Tips

Shoulder replacement is a major surgery in which all or part of the shoulder joint is replaced. If you have shoulder replacement surgery you'll see a physical therapist to help you recover.