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Success Story: Shot by a Sniper in Iraq, this Wounded Warrior Looks to Inspire Others in Recovery

Apr 7, 2015 / Podcast

In 2007, 20-year-old David Kendrick was stationed in Iraq when a sniper shot him in the legs.

Overcoming Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Pain in Women, Men, and Runners Through Physical Therapy

Sep 17, 2020 / Podcast

Amanda Olson sustained a severe injury that left her unable to sit for months. Now she is helping others overcome, anticipate, and prevent pelvic floor dysfunction.

Osteoarthritis of the Hip and Knee

May 11, 2017 / Podcast

Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative joint disease that affects between 27 million and 30 million Americans. It can cause pain and stiffness.

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Adrianne Haslet: 'I'm a Dancer Again'

Jul 25, 2017 / Podcast

The terrorist attack at the 2013 Boston Marathon changed the lives of many including Adrianne Haslet, a professional dancer. She lost her left leg below the knee.

Washington Spirit's Joanna Lohman Reflects on Her "ACL Journey"

Jun 7, 2018 / Podcast

Coming back from an ACL injury is hard, even for elite athletes like Washington Spirit midfielder Joanna Lohman. She reflects on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of her "ACL journey" with former professional soccer player and ACL Club founder Jordan Angeli.

Motivated by Physical Therapy Experience, Woman Is Inspired to Give Back

Mar 21, 2019 / Podcast

For decades Colleen Rapp blazed a trail as a woman press operator at the Denver Post. Chronic pain and shoulder surgery, led her to physical therapy, which transformed her entire lifestyle.

Pulmonary Conditions and the Role of Physical Therapy

Jul 11, 2013 / Podcast

July 11, 2013: A physical therapist discusses the role of physical therapy in treating conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and more.

MOVEMENT2BE Brings Fun, Physical Literacy To Underserved Youth

Feb 4, 2021 / Podcast

Physical therapist Kara Shull believes discusses the "five pillars of movement" as the basis for a healthy, active life. She wants everyone, especially kids in underserved communities to have access to it.

Success Story: Overcoming Arthritis of the Neck

Oct 24, 2013 / Podcast

The discomfort of Barry Cunha's arthritis of the neck caused headaches and led to a steady diet of of aspirin, until he gave physical therapy a try.

Fibromyalgia and Physical Therapy

Mar 1, 2016 / Podcast

Fibromyalgia affects around 5 million adults. Symptoms include widespread pain and fatigue, and can be difficult to diagnose.