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Success Story: From Exercise-Induced Injury to Recovery and Weight Loss

Dec 22, 2015 / Podcast

Marybeth Smith was watching the Biggest Loser when she decided it was time to get serious about losing weight. Then she got injured.

Chronic Disease and Prevention

Aug 30, 2015 / Podcast

Chronic diseases are widespread in America; often deadly, and expensive, accounting for 86% of our nation's total health care costs.

Chronic Pain and the Role of Physical Therapy

Jan 30, 2013 / Podcast

A physical therapist discusses the holistic approach that physical therapists use to treat chronic pain.

Back to School: Access to Physical Therapy in the Classroom

Aug 24, 2014 / Podcast

Getting through the school day is as challenging as the educational material for many kids. But for those with special needs, access to physical therapy at school can help.

A Father’s Invention and Physical Therapy Offer Mobility, Hope for Kids With Spinal Cord Injuries

Feb 5, 2020 / Podcast

He faces major challenges from paralysis due to spina bifida. Thanks to a physical therapy and an invention, Brody, is getting around.

Beyond Boston: The Road to Recovery

Jun 12, 2013 / Podcast

Four physical therapists describe the road to recovery for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, or anyone who has had similar injuries.

Choosing Wisely: 5 Things PTs and Patients Should Question

Sep 14, 2014 / Podcast

Choosing Wisely is a national campaign to promote the most appropriate use of tests and treatments to optimize care and avoid waste.

Preventing ACL Injuries in Youth Athletes

May 22, 2014 / Podcast

ACL injuries are becoming more and more common among youth athletes and can lead to arthritis of the knee later in life. There are ways to reduce the risk of injury.

Success Story: Young Dancer Recovers from Hip Injury to Return to Her Passion of Performing

Dec 17, 2015 / Podcast

Isabella was diagnosed with a hip condition, but persevered to keep on dancing.

Success Story: Shot by a Sniper in Iraq, this Wounded Warrior Looks to Inspire Others in Recovery

Apr 7, 2015 / Podcast

In 2007, 20-year-old David Kendrick was stationed in Iraq when a sniper shot him in the legs.