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Sudden Cardiac Arrest: What Every Person Should Know

Oct 3, 2019 / Podcast

Joe Farrell, a physical therapist and survivor of sudden cardiac arrest, shares what every person should know.

Avoiding Muscle Atrophy When Injured

Mar 7, 2018 / Podcast

If you are active, chances are you'll experience an injury and an extended layoff. Will your muscle quickly turn to fat? Will you start to feel or look different?

Volleyball Legend Gabrielle Reece Chooses Physical Therapy, Not Opioids, After Knee Replacement

Dec 19, 2016 / Podcast

Former professional beach volleyball player Gabby Reece shares how she managed pain after knee replacement surgery and relied on physical therapy to return to her active lifestyle.

Physical Therapy in the Performing Arts

Feb 21, 2013 / Podcast

A physical therapist takes you behind the curtain of epic Las Vegas stage shows like Cirque du Soleil.

Adaptive Sports: Limitless Opportunities

Jan 28, 2015 / Podcast

For people with disabilities, there are benefits to adaptive sports beyond exercise.

Aging Well: 70+ Adults and a PT Share How To Thrive, Despite Chronic Conditions

Sep 29, 2020 / Podcast

Older adults who sit too much get out of shape. Senior pickleball athlete Andy Leighton and triathlete Patsy Lillehei join physical therapist Becca Jordre to share how it's never too late to be active and feel good.

Value of Physical Therapy in Addressing the Life-Limiting Effects of Eating Disorders

Dec 3, 2020 / Podcast

Physical therapists help people with eating disorders build strength, achieve healthy movement, and improve long-term recovery.

Total Knee Replacement: A Storybook Approach

Aug 6, 2015 / Podcast

Despite the growing popularity of knee replacement surgeries, families can still be overwhelmed by the recovery process. A physical therapist has written a book to help walk them through the journey.

Juvenile Arthritis

Jun 28, 2015 / Podcast

Arthritis isn't exclusive to adults, children can develop it as well. Juvenile arthritis isn't a specific condition but an umbrella term that includes many types and subtypes.

Osteoporosis and the Role of Physical Therapy

Oct 12, 2012 / Podcast

A physical therapist describes the differences between osteoporosis, osteopenia, and osteoarthritis, and how a physical therapist can help people with these conditions build bone density and improve balance to avoid falls.