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Easy to Moderate Home Exercises For Strength and Balance

May 12, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist led exercise program with modifications from easy to moderate to maintain or improve strength and balance.

Home Exercises From a Physical Therapist — Floor/Mat

Mar 24, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist led 30-minute home exercise program. No equipment required.

Home Exercises to Manage Upper Back and Neck Strain — For Anyone Wearing PPE

Apr 24, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist led program of daily exercises to help manage back and neck strain for health care workers or anyone wearing personal protective equipment.

Lower Body Strengthening Exercises Using a Chair at Home

Apr 27, 2020 / Video

A physical therapist leads a lower body strengthening program that includes five exercises to do at home using nothing more than your body, a chair, and a wall.

Muscular Dystrophy

Oct 31, 2013 / Video

Physical therapist treatment for children with muscular dystrophy.

Examining the History of Pain and How to Reshape How It Is Treated

Apr 30, 2019 / Podcast

What is pain and what are the most effective and least harmful ways for health care providers to address it?

Beyond Opioids: Transforming Pain Management to Improve Health

Feb 20, 2018 / Podcast

A panel of seven experts discuss how pain management in America can move beyond opioids to improve the health of society.

Using Telehealth to Help Patients with Advanced Cancer Improve Quality of Life

Jun 20, 2019 / Podcast

Can patients with advanced cancer benefit from telehealth therapy to help maintain function and quality of life?

ChoosePT Over Opioids for Safe Pain Management

Jun 28, 2016 / Podcast

Prescribed opioid painkillers may be effective over short periods and safe in low doses, but they come with great risks. There are other options.

7 Myths About Physical Therapy

Oct 7, 2014 / Podcast

Common misconceptions often discourage people from seeing a physical therapist. Seven common myths about physical therapy get debunked.