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Physical Therapy Guide to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Jun 9, 2022 / Guide

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome can be a painful and disabling condition of the upper arm, forearm, and hand resulting from compression of the structures in the space above the first rib and between the collarbone.

Physical Therapy Guide to Trismus

Jan 7, 2016 / Guide

Trismus or "lockjaw" describes any number of conditions that cause a person to be unable to open the mouth or jaw.

Physical Therapy Guide to Turf Toe

Feb 22, 2021 / Guide

Turf toe is the name for a sprain of the metatarsophalangeal, or MTP, joint where the big toe meets the foot. The injury occurs when the big toe is forced back toward the top of the foot past its normal range of motion.

Diastasis Recti Abdominis: The Likely Cause of "Mummy Tummy"

Sep 27, 2017 / Podcast

Diastasis rectus abdominis can happen in women during and following pregnancy due to the stretching of the abdominal wall.

How Physical Therapy and Pilates Enabled a Man With Crohn’s to Overcome Chronic Pain

Oct 17, 2019 / Podcast

After 50 surgeries for Crohn's disease, Ryan Hodgkinson had chronic pain, an opioid addiction, and depression that led his sister and physical therapist to intervene.

A Sudden and Mysterious Walking Pattern Is Diagnosed, Inspires Career Change

Mar 20, 2018 / Podcast

Once a competitive gymnast, Laura was always very active, until she developed an unusual walking pattern when her foot stopped working.

Stress Induced Urinary Incontinence: Common, But Not Normal

Jul 25, 2013 / Podcast

Two physical therapists shed light on a preventable condition that might affect as many as one in 3 women.

Living with Cerebral Palsy

Mar 6, 2017 / Podcast

Brittney Clouse, who writes about her experiences for Cerebral Palsy News Today, describes how living with cerebral palsy, and how it does not define her.

Man Walks 1,000 Miles for Change, Justice, and Equality — Physical Therapist Helps

Aug 20, 2020 / Podcast

When George Floyd died under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, Terry Willis worked to call attention to racial injustice in America. Physical therapy helped him along his journey.

Multiple Sclerosis and Physical Therapy

/ Podcast

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system that's typically diagnosed when someone is between the ages of 20 and 40.