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3 Tips for Backpack Safety

Aug 30, 2018 / Health Tips

Children —and adults — should follow these simple tips, provided by physical therapists, when wearing a backpack.

Choose Movement Over Bed Rest to Improve the Result of Your Hospital Stay

Sep 6, 2019 / Health Tips

People in the hospital spend a lot of time in bed. One study found that hospital patients spend over 95% of their time in bed. Bed rest may be unavoidable for some, based on their condition, but it's harmful for most people.

Chronic Pain in Children and Physical Therapy: What You Should Know

Jun 27, 2019 / Health Tips

Nobody wants to see a child in pain. We most often see it after an accident, injury, or during an illness, but what about when it continues and does not resolve with time or simple treatments?

Physical Therapy Guide to Above-Knee Amputation (Transfemoral Amputation)

Nov 14, 2018 / Guide

Above-knee amputation is a surgical procedure performed to remove a damaged limb due to trauma, disease, or congenital disability.

Physical Therapy Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jan 16, 2024 / Guide

Autism spectrum disorder is a group of developmental disabilities that affects how people experience the world. ASD can involve learning, thinking, and problem-solving challenges that range from mild to severe.

Physical Therapy Guide to Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

Oct 16, 2023 / Guide

Hypermobility spectrum disorders affect the body’s ligaments and tendons in which the joints are looser than typical. Chronic pain, unstable joints, and fatigue may cause people with HSDs to limit their activities.

Physical Therapy Guide to Bunion (Hallux Valgus)

Dec 29, 2019 / Guide

A bunion (hallux valgus) is a bony bump on the side of the foot that develops at the base of the big toe.

Physical Therapy Guide to Cancer

Oct 20, 2020 / Guide

Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells that destroy normal, healthy cells. Cancer and related treatments can cause physical problems.

Physical Therapy Guide to Cervical Radiculopathy

Apr 13, 2020 / Guide

Cervical radiculopathy, often called a pinched nerve in the neck, causes pain to radiate (extend) to the shoulder, shoulder blade, arm, or hand.

Physical Therapy Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

May 4, 2021 / Guide

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition noted by extreme fatigue that lasts for more than six months. Another name for CFS is myalgic encephalomyelitis.