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Toys and Tips for Raising Children With Developmental Disabilities

Dec 9, 2021 / Podcast

Play is a vital part of physical therapy for children with autism, cerebral palsy, or other developmental disabilities. Two moms and bloggers discuss raising kids with different abilities and share toy tips. A PT provides further advice.

Physical Therapy Guide to Congenital Heart Defects

Jun 22, 2022 / Guide

Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect. Physical therapists help children meet motor (movement) milestones, improve their tolerance for play and activity, and address the effects of surgery.

4 Tips to Live Your Best Life

Oct 11, 2022 / Health Tips

These tips from physical therapists can be key to unlocking better health and living your best life.

Physical Therapy in Minnesota


You can see a physical therapist for evaluation and treatment without a physician's referral.

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Health Center on Cancer-Related Problems


Cancer, and the treatments for it, can cause physical problems such as pain, numbness, swelling, weakness, loss of balance, and difficulty moving or walking.

Pain Profile: Assess Your Pain

Sep 1, 2020 / Handouts

This pain profile can help you talk to your health care provider about how pain is affecting your life and your preferences for managing pain.

Paralympic Swimmer Alyssa Gialamas Sheds Light on Living With a Disability

Sep 2, 2021 / Podcast

Paralympic swimmer Alyssa Gialamas may have seemed unlikely to become a world-class athlete when she was born with arthrogryposis that causes affected joints to be rigid. Hard work and physical therapy helped her get there.

Physical Therapy in Alabama


You can see a physical therapist for evaluation and treatment without a physician's referral.