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Juvenile Arthritis: A Young Adult Discusses Her Trials and Triumphs Through Physical Therapy

Jul 1, 2021 / Podcast

Christina Iversen shares about living with juvenile arthritis and offers support and hope for others with the condition, and for parents.

Stroke: Awareness, Prevention, & Recovery

May 7, 2015 / Podcast

The third leading cause of death in the United States is stroke.

Older Adults and the Benefits of High-Velocity Training

Apr 18, 2019 / Podcast

Older adults often say, "I'm slowing down." In fact, they often struggle with a declining ability to generate high-velocity force and movement — particularly in their legs.

What Physical Therapists Tell Their Friends

Jul 23, 2015 / Podcast

In the July 2015 issue of Redbook magazine several physical therapists were asked to share the advice they give their friends. They shared with us too.

Success Story: Man Loses 300 Pounds, and Improves Quality of Life

Nov 16, 2015 / Podcast

November 19, 2015: Scott lost 300 lbs. and credits his physical therapist with helping transform his life.

Physical Therapist Tips to Help You Age Well

Oct 1, 2015 / Podcast

October is National Physical Therapy Month. This year it's all about healthy aging.

Country Music Star Clay Walker Talks About Managing His Multiple Sclerosis and Living a Full Life

Jan 10, 2017 / Podcast

Clay Walker discusses his M.S. diagnosis and how he manages it while pursuing his passions for music and performing.

Using Virtual Reality for Pain Relief, Rehabilitation, and Recovery

Aug 15, 2019 / Podcast

Some physical therapists are using virtual reality to address pain and other issues, others are looking to add it to traditional physical therapy.

Success Story: Physical Therapist Treatment Gives Woman Active Life After Pelvic Pain

Jul 29, 2016 / Podcast

Erin Jackson endured intense chronic pelvic pain that caused her to postpone her wedding. Physical therapy helped her return to an active life.

The Risk of Cancer-Related Falls

Sep 20, 2018 / Podcast

Although falls tend to be common among older adults, cancer survivors have a higher risk of falls than do people who haven't been treated for the disease.